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Top Five Contemporary Romance Novels for your ereader

Today’s Five on Friday are our top five steamy contemporary romances – and by that we mean the hot ones …

1. HARM’S HUNGER by P.T. Michelle: The first in the hot and steamy Bad in Boots series, with over 60 five-star reviews. Click here to read more


2. AFTER MIDNIGHT by Sarah Grimm: Award-winning romance that will grab hold of your heart and never let go. Click here to read more



3. FEARSOME by S.A. Wolfe: Heavy on the romance, this sexy, laugh-out-loud novel has just the right amount of angst and drama. Click here to read more



4. ECLIPSE OF THE HEART by Carly Carson: A sexy, witty and engaging romance, rated 4.5 by Romance Junkies. Click here to read more



5. SEX IN THE TITLE by Zack Love:  This story follows five guys on their paths to trouble, self-discovery . . . and love. Brilliantly funny and oh-so-HOT!  Click here to read more


Next week’s Five on Friday will be suspense-filled mysteries. Get your magnifying glasses out ready . . .

Winner of the Costa Book Award 2014 is Nurse Nathan Filer

32-year-old Nathan Filer from Bristol, wins the £30,000 prize for The Shock of the Fall, beating 616 other entries, including bookies’ favourite, Kate Atkinson.


Inspired by the author’s work in the mental health industry, this debut novel tells the story of a brother’s battle against mental illness after losing his sibling in a childhood accident.

Filer worked on the book for ten years before it became the subject of an eleven-way publishers’ bidding war, finally going to Harper Collins for a six figure sum.

The last time a debut novel won the Costa was when Stef Penney’s The Tenderness of Wolves took the prize back in 2006.

Now in its 42nd year, the Costa Prize is known for rewarding novels which are enjoyable to read, rather than focusing on their deeper literary merits. This year’s judging panel of nine included author Rose Tremaine and singer Sharleen Spiteri.

BookCrossing – how to discover and promote books


If you love your book … let it go.

If you’ve never heard of the site before, it’s a fantastic way of connecting people through their love of books, by releasing your favourite novels into the wild.

How it works:

1. Label:                  2. Share:                 3. Followbookcrossing

First, you add a BookCrossing label to a book you love and then you leave that book in a prominent place, such as a train or a park bench, where someone can pick it up. The label has a unique ID so the recipient can go online and let you know they have the book. It can be passed on forever like this.

What do you think of this idea? If you found a BookCrossing book, would you keep it? Or pass it on? Would you take the time to go onto the site and record it? I know I would.


eBook statistics that may surprise you

Reading is alive and well, and we’ve got the stats to prove it. Turns out ereaders are encouraging people to rekindle (scuse the pun) their love of reading.

Kaitlyn is part of the design and research team at A while back she contacted me with some interesting statistics. The team over there have created an infographic illustrating how ereaders have taught us to start reading again.

The following statistics relate mainly to Americans but, as a Brit, I found it really interesting nonetheless. Maybe you will too:

Teaching to Read Again

Created by: