BookCrossing – how to discover and promote books


If you love your book … let it go.

If you’ve never heard of the site before, it’s a fantastic way of connecting people through their love of books, by releasing your favourite novels into the wild.

How it works:

1. Label:                  2. Share:                 3. Followbookcrossing

First, you add a BookCrossing label to a book you love and then you leave that book in a prominent place, such as a train or a park bench, where someone can pick it up. The label has a unique ID so the recipient can go online and let you know they have the book. It can be passed on forever like this.

What do you think of this idea? If you found a BookCrossing book, would you keep it? Or pass it on? Would you take the time to go onto the site and record it? I know I would.


4 thoughts on “BookCrossing – how to discover and promote books

  1. Claire Holtey

    The wonderful thing about books as opposed to e-books as that you can pass them on. I remember more about books than e-books because you hold them and look at the cover every time you pick it up. I like e-books for finding new authors and then will buy the physical book. I am not very good at letting go of books and live a bit remote for book crossing but would certainly join in if I lived in a town.

    1. Sha Post author

      Hi Claire, yes I agree. If I find an ebook I love, I’ll usually go out and buy myself a print copy. I see what you mean about not wanting to let favourite books go. Maybe BookCrossing would be better for books you don’t love :D

  2. Julia Hughes

    About three or four times a year, I’ll donate books to my local hospital, and I’d certainly consider this idea. But some books I treasure, and I don’t even lend them out, having learned that other people promise to give them back, but they don’t. They must not realise how much I treasure some of my books. That’s why I love my kindle – you can loan friends a title to read, but after a while, it comes back to your kindle automatically:) that way you keep your books & your friends!

    Btw, thank you Book Soda, for featuring my freebie A Raucous Time, very grateful indeed.

    1. Sha Post author

      Donating books to a hospital is a great idea. Unfortunately, here in the UK, we don’t have that kindle ebook ‘lend to a friend’ facility. So if we want to borrow a book, we either have to go the paperback route or lend the entire ereader. My mum and I have been known to swap kindles occasionally!

      Btw, you’re very welcome, Julia.

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