Discounting Books – A guest post by Bryan Cohen

discountHere at eBookSoda we like to think we know all about the power of discounting books. About how readers, tempted by a deal on our site, can become lifelong fans of newly discovered authors. Author Bryan Cohen is expanding on this idea, and experimenting with enhanced ways to win new readers. Bryan’s here today to tell us about his latest venture:

“If you discount a single book in the middle of Amazon, does it make a sale? Some books do quite well on their own in the middle of the book-selling wilderness. Others don’t. There are so many factors that dictate whether or not a book will make a 99-cent or free sale worthwhile. I’m not the kind of person who likes taking chances.

In February, I ran an event on non-fiction books for writers called March to a Bestseller. Instead of discounting my book and hoping for the best, I joined together with 15 other authors in my genre and we worked together to bring all of our fans under one Facebook roof. Each of the authors took shifts during the event to respond to questions and interact with fans. The comments came fast and furious and it was nearly impossible to keep up. By the end of the day, more than 600 people officially attended the event, and most of the authors sold hundreds of copies of their books. One attendee said it was the most enjoyable Friday he’d had in quite some time. I felt the same.

When we bumped our prices back up from 99 cents, increased sales continued as we’d all entered each others “also bought” lists. The authors thanked me and encouraged me to organize another event in the future. I had another idea in mind. I wanted to organize four of them.

In honor of my upcoming first novel, Ted Saves the World, I put together four author events on Facebook centered around genres that related to my book. By running these events, I figured I’d meet authors who were the best in the business in fantasy, paranormal and horror, while interacting with the fans who make the genres thrive.

The first event, Cruel Book Summer: A One-Day Sale on YA Paranormal, Horror and Fantasy Books, starts this Friday June 13th on Facebook. There will be 16 authors on hand ready to chat with readers, give away prizes and sell their books at 99 cents a piece. Join the event by clicking here.

cruel book summer

It’s valiant to go it alone on Amazon, but there may be a better way. Figure out how to connect with authors in your genre to cross-pollinate your readers and meet amazing people who will help you to feel a sense of community.”

Bryan Cohen is a non-fiction and YA paranormal author. Learn more about his upcoming work on his website:

11 thoughts on “Discounting Books – A guest post by Bryan Cohen

  1. Tiffany

    As someone with financial restrictions at the moment, I appreciate any discounts I can get. But book discounts are the BEST discounts.

    1. Sha Post author

      I’d have to agree with you there, Tiffany. I can forgo a lot of things, but I’d hate to be without books.

  2. Elise-Maria Barton

    I subscribe to numerous discount sites for bargain books~ it’s Christmas every day for my Kindle! Great way to get noticed and generate loyal readers.

  3. K Alman

    I really like this idea, it’s a great idea to help authors get more revenues and exposure in the long run, but also an opportunity for those who might not be able to pay full prize (and some who could) to get access to the books.

  4. Cristy Ridey

    I love reading. I read a lot. Discount eBooks are the only way I can feed my habit. They also give me an opportunity to explore other genres.

  5. Karen Yawn

    This is a great idea, unfortunately I missed the first one but will certainly be watching for the rest of them! Being an aspiring author myself, I look forward to any insight I can get!

  6. Louise McNicol

    This is a really good idea, also gives us readers ideas of other authors we may enjoy and all at discounted prices

  7. *Minta Boggs

    I love checking out the discount areas for good books. Great way to go out of my comfort zone and check out other kind of books like sci fi or adventure..etc…

  8. Amy Jo McLellan

    I definitely agree with the benefits of discounting. Just like everything, you’re more likely to try it if it’s cheaper.

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