Writing paranormal romance: Harlequin Nocturne author Debbie Herbert

177_authorphotoToday we’re lucky enough to have Harlequin Nocturne author, Debbie Herbert visit our blog, talking about why she writes paranormal romance. Debbie’s also giving away two Kindle copies of her fabulous otherworldly romance Siren’s Secret.

Why I write Paranormal Romance

Upon learning I write paranormal romance, people often look perplexed and one of the first questions they ask is – ‘Why’?

My short answer is a shrug and a cryptic remark that ‘it’s fun.’ The longer answer can be found in my tagline that describes the kind of books I write:  “Where love, like magic, casts its own spell of enchantment.”

I’ve never outgrown my love of fairy tales and mythology. One of my fondest memories in Girl Scouts was reading about the housekeeping elves in the official Brownie’s Handbook.

It’s the possibility of magic that tingles my creative drive and curiosity, the speculation that there is more to reality than we can perceive through our senses.

My debut novel, Siren’s Secret, is the first book in a trilogy about a secret clan of shapeshifting mermaids living in a Southern Bayou. Do I really believe that half-fish, half-human creatures populate deep waters that no man has yet traveled down? No. But who knows what really exists in the depths of the oceans or beyond our galaxies where humans have yet to explore. The human brain is a marvelous organism that by its very nature loves to seek answers and pioneer new ideas and concepts.My debut novel, Siren’s Secret, is the first book in a trilogy about a secret clan of shapeshifting mermaids living in a Southern Bayou. Do I really believe that half-fish, half-human creatures populate deep waters that no man has yet traveled down? No. But who knows what really exists in the depths of the oceans or beyond our galaxies where humans have yet to explore. The human brain is a marvelous organism that by its very nature loves to seek answers and pioneer new ideas and concepts.

And as far as the romance part of the writing equation – I’ve always been a sucker for love stories. As a teenager, Harlequin books lined my bookshelves and I devoured them like candy. The very first book I ever wrote, at age twenty, was a Harlequin romance. I was newly married and we lived pretty much paycheck-to-paycheck so there was no money in the budget for a typewriter. (Yes, I am dating myself here!) My husband promised that if I actually wrote a book, we could purchase a manual typewriter. I wrote that romance longhand on legal pads and he held up his end of the bargain.  (I don’t think he believed that I’d really finish it.) With a bottle of white-out by my side, I laboriously typed up the manuscript and submitted it to Harlequin, sure of a brilliant success.

Weeks later, my manuscript was returned with an editorial comment that blasted my book’s premise that a thirty year-old man would really fall for a teen-aged girl. Yeah, looking back now I realize that was more than a little creepy!  I still have that truly awful manuscript in a desk drawer.  Every now and then I pull it out and read the first page which poetically describes the changing color of leaves in autumn. Hardly mesmerizing material. So often I’ve vowed to throw it away, yet my hands pull back from the trashcan and back it goes into the bottom desk drawer.

Fast forward to the present . . .  after retirement, I took up my old dream of writing. How fitting that my first publishing contract is with Harlequin. Life can be mysteriously circular at times.

I would love to hear why you read romances or paranormal romances.  What draws you to them as a reader? Have you ever had something mysterious or eerily coincidental happen to you? Let me know, I’m always hunting new stories and you may end up in one of my books!

You can find Debbie and her books in the following places:

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WIN A KINDLE COPY OF SIREN’S SECRET! Just leave us a comment below saying why you like to read paranormal romance, or tell us of an eerie or mysterious event that’s happened to you.

Good luck!

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Winner of the Costa Book Award 2014 is Nurse Nathan Filer

32-year-old Nathan Filer from Bristol, wins the £30,000 prize for The Shock of the Fall, beating 616 other entries, including bookies’ favourite, Kate Atkinson.


Inspired by the author’s work in the mental health industry, this debut novel tells the story of a brother’s battle against mental illness after losing his sibling in a childhood accident.

Filer worked on the book for ten years before it became the subject of an eleven-way publishers’ bidding war, finally going to Harper Collins for a six figure sum.

The last time a debut novel won the Costa was when Stef Penney’s The Tenderness of Wolves took the prize back in 2006.

Now in its 42nd year, the Costa Prize is known for rewarding novels which are enjoyable to read, rather than focusing on their deeper literary merits. This year’s judging panel of nine included author Rose Tremaine and singer Sharleen Spiteri.

BookCrossing – how to discover and promote books


If you love your book … let it go.

If you’ve never heard of the site before, it’s a fantastic way of connecting people through their love of books, by releasing your favourite novels into the wild.

How it works:

1. Label:                  2. Share:                 3. Followbookcrossing

First, you add a BookCrossing label to a book you love and then you leave that book in a prominent place, such as a train or a park bench, where someone can pick it up. The label has a unique ID so the recipient can go online and let you know they have the book. It can be passed on forever like this.

What do you think of this idea? If you found a BookCrossing book, would you keep it? Or pass it on? Would you take the time to go onto the site and record it? I know I would.


eBook statistics that may surprise you

Reading is alive and well, and we’ve got the stats to prove it. Turns out ereaders are encouraging people to rekindle (scuse the pun) their love of reading.

Kaitlyn is part of the design and research team at OnlineTeachingDegree.com. A while back she contacted me with some interesting statistics. The team over there have created an infographic illustrating how ereaders have taught us to start reading again.

The following statistics relate mainly to Americans but, as a Brit, I found it really interesting nonetheless. Maybe you will too:

Teaching to Read Again

Created by: www.OnlineTeachingDegree.com

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